Beautiful artworks from Novans V Adikresna

Novans V Adikresna

Novans is a digital artist born in Surabaya, Indonesia. He has a total of 13 years experience in Digital Art, with 9 years of professional work. Novans worked for 2 years in an advertising agency as a graphic designer and retoucher. Then he decided to work independently through online media. He has been working as a freelancer for more than 10 years.

Novans claims to not have any special arts background, but he loves art and lives for art. He first met Adobe Photoshop 6 in 2002 when he played around with his photos to create photo-manipulations.  His first works looked silly but he still loved them. According to Novans, Photoshop is a magical tool.

Below you can see some of his marvelous works.

Most of his works here were done as personal hobby, but a few of them are for commercial projects.





When starting a new photo-manipulation the artist creates a concept that he sketches it first on paper and then digitally. All of his work is influenced by his favourite artists. It helps him to realize concept and do the work with passion.

Reflecting on Different Reality



Novans is a self-taught artist. When he was at college he used to learn from books and basic tutorials from Adobe tutorials. He now keeps learning to keep-up with the rising competition. He tries to keep his personality while working for clients for photo-manipulations and concept arts.

Under Gods Umbrella

Spiderman Homecoming

Novans has a small work office in his hometown, where he is ready to be contacted for freelance working. You can contact him through his Behance account or through his Instagram.



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