Jono Dry Art

Jono Dry

Jono Dry creates REAL photo manipulations. He starts from scratch all his works by using pencils and his projects last for months.

Hyperrealistic drawings


Josh Dry from Facebook: “The new pencil drawing ‘Ritual’ is finally complete. I found myself intimidated by the task of naming this piece. It’s an interesting part of the process to give your work a title. It’s this opportunity to use words to add to it, to give it a nudge in a direction. You want to do it justice and not limit its potential by putting it into a box. But the more I tried to give it something with words, the more I found I was just revealing my own limitations towards the work. Once you let a work go and share it, something amazing happens. It becomes this small puzzle piece in other people’s creative process. They send back their interpretations, their words which are far beyond what I could have imagined. Thank you all for being a part of this ritual and sharing your thoughts about the work with me.

Pencil drawing “Handle”

In it’s grip

Josh from Facebook: After months of agonizing over this drawing it’s finally finished “In its grip”.

You can visit his website and see other works: Jono Dry

or daily updates on Facebook: Jono Dry


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