Magnificent surreal artworks from Russia

Dimityr Rogozhkin is born in Malmyzh, small place in Russia. He says that drawing has been his passion since he was young. Later in his life, he decided to do something different. After purchasing a photo camera in 2011, Dimitry never looked back. He vividly remembers when buying the camera and paying over 250 dollars, which seemed to be very expensive for him at the time. He begins university that year. Photography being his main passion, conversion into surrealist artists seems to have come naturally for him. One of the main great qualities of Dimitry is his potential to be highly flexible in bringing different topics and subjects, with different stories and backgrounds.  Audience will have to wonder on the intensions of the artist, which not always appear to be that clear because the Artist seems to be very subjective and abstract with his motives.

People seem to be his main resource of inspiration, because they are present in almost all of his artworks, so it’s not hard to see he is very people – centric, and loves mixing them with real nature in a very abstract manner. Antique culture, objects and places are one of his preferred areas to cultivate his awesome surreal ideas. Bringing the atmosphere to the public is one of his main goals and also reasons why he appears to be very picky and detailed with his artworks.  He says “I try to spend time on every detail on shooting and handling. Many have noticed that I spend a lot of time processing photos. It is very important for me to convey the atmosphere that I cannot create a survey. Therefore, i have to finish your photos in Photoshop first.

Video Compilation of Dimityr’s artworks


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