Cristian Girotto & Alberto Raviglione

Cristian Girotto & Alberto Raviglione

I’m a photographer.
I work for several top class magazines and brands.

“He is just one example of the direction that the digital age has driven this medium. The mood set by these images is driven by the subtleties in light and color. Wildly vivid or extraordinarily muted,
their images convey more than just a fashion statement.”
Toshi Jones / Journalist, London

“I consider myself privileged having acquainted them from his early stages of work and experimentation, to them launching certain very prestigious collaborations with top publications all over the world.
He never seizes to explore new means and image technology.”
Lady Sybilia / Fashion Editor, London

Photos are often snapshots from digital camera and input to a computer device directly. But photo manipulations nowdays are the trending photographies. With the introduction of graphics, tablets and digital cameras, manipulation encompasses all the things that can be completed to photography, if it’s put in a computer. The producers of these photo manipulations are photographers with different vision from other random photographers.

Organic Food “kiwi”

Organic food “blueberry”

Organic food “orange”

Today, the producing of photo manipulation is trending and becoming more and more popular from photographers and artists. The best or the most famous artists take 3 photoghraphies, and from them creates a single master one. Many companies follow these artists and hire them to create an photo manipulation advertising that can influence more buyers. Sometimes there are many things going on, in a single photography that you have to concentrate to find out what is happening.

Organic food ”

Both artists have official websites: Cristian Girotto

Alberto Raviglione

You can also check their artworks on: Behance


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