5 Photo manipulations of the week [Trees]

Did you think that A tree is just A tree … Well it is Wrong ! You will see that in art a tree can be and represent whatever you want it to ! We love browsing on the internet, searching for beautiful art works! Not only that we find amazing inspirational material for our tutorials but also our horizon expands in a beautiful way! As you will see a tree can be a source of life or a source of knowledge, a symbol of stability or a symbol of hope. Or maybe it means regeneration of our planet or a metaphor for solitude or even a place for daydreaming. It can be a home for fairies, an escape from real life but it can also represent a prison. Producers of these photo manipulations might have some other senses that differ from normal people.

The resulting images that they bring out, are really impressive that you need to look more than once to understand the meaning. Today, the producing of photo manipulation is trending and becoming more and more popular from photographers and artists. Sometimes there are many things going on, in a single photography that you have to stare and follow artist’s dreams. We hope this will be an useful inspirational material for you. If this article inspires you in any way to create your own art work we will be more than happy to see the results, so add a link to our comments section!

Josh Sommers

Annual Tree by: Silvia15 [DeviantArt]

Surrealism sought to maintain its autonomy and the right to continue its own particular investigations into ways of changing consciousness, the role of the unconscious within the social body, and the current state of language both visual and verbal.” – Dawn Ades

The Initial Flight by: ENZZOK [DeviantArt]

The pencil is mightier by: 3rror404 [DeviantArt]

Timeclock tree by: platypuscove


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