Rob Gonsalves

Rob Gonsalves

Rob is the greatest artist of surrealism from Canada. He created masterpieces that everybody can get his own inspiration. He was born in Toronto and from the time when he was young, he started illustrating then began to produce architecture buildings in different perspectives. When Rob was 30 years old, he got introduced to great works of artists like Dali, Magritte, Tanguy etc. Inspired by greatest surreal artist’s artworks, he started working on his own techniques. His job represented people’s aspiration to imagine the impossible. Becoming a great artist was really hard, knowing that Rob created artworks as a hobby in the beginning. Later his art became one of the symbols of surrealism and sometimes it is also called “Magic realism”. He really used magic in most of his paintings, and gave them infinite life. Some techniques that he used, are unique that only masters can create them.

Quotes from Rob Gonsalves

“I enjoy painting images that make a connection between the human built environment and what occurs in nature, and this was the starting point for developing an image that expresses my affinity for what are thought of as mutually exclusive places. One of the characteristics that forests and large cities share in common, that I particularly like, is a dense collection of monumentally high structures.” – Rob Gonsalves

“I believe that there is real magic in life. Sometimes the experience of it can be dependent on one’sp point of view. I have come to see the making of art as the search for that point of view where the magic and wonder of life appears not so much as an illusion, but as an essential truth that often gets obscured.” – Rob Gonsalves
Glogster note

We are sorry to say, he passed away months ago but he left his spirit with us and will always be with us.

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The Listening Fields

Rob Gonsalves Masterpiece

For more arts of Rob Gonsalves, you can check on this website: Tutt’ Art


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