Superhero Kids Project Empowers Sick And Disabled Children

We want to persuade you that we have a group of images of super heroes that live together with us. You still don’t believe that! When you see super heroes, do you accept them as true? We chose to represent you one of the best photo manipulation artist of the world Josh Rossi. Josh’s project empowers sick and disabled children by turning them into Justice of League characters. He created an amazing campaign for hospitalized children and transformed them into Justice League Characters which really empowered and had big influence on them. The kids were feeling braver when they saw the posters of them in there.

Here is a short auto-biography from Josh: “When I was a young boy I was obsessed with art. I was born in Florence,Italy where I lived for 7 years. When I hit high school I saw no need to pursue art and so I dropped it and got into other things. After high school I got an internship with a film production company and started getting more into film. When I was 22 I realized that I wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing so I needed a change. I decided that advertising was a lot more exciting and chose to go to Miami Ad School and that’s where my passion for photography came in. At school I had to rely on my own skills to produce print ads and online media. I had to convey a message and I didn’t want to just snap one shot and be done. I wanted to include a lot of different elements that told a story. That’s when I started getting into compositing.”

The Justice League Group

Superman – Justice League

Testimonial from Adobe, directing to Josh: “At Adobe, we get to work with some of the brightest digital artists in the world. Josh stands out among everyone I’ve ever worked with as the elite of the elite when it comes to what he can do with a camera, his Photoshop wizardry and his visual sensibility.” -Jeff Allen, Senior Director, Marketing, ADOBE-

Aquaman – Justice League

Batman – Justice League

You can check other works from this artist directly from his official website: Josh Rossi


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