4 easy techniques to create photo manipulation

You can produce upgrades like age progression, change hair color, skin tone effect and so on. With the introduction of graphics, tablets and digital cameras, manipulation encompasses all the things that can be completed to a photography, if it’s put in a computer. Generating photography that you may have seen only in dreams. Photos are often snapshots from digital camera and input to a computer device directly. But photo manipulations nowadays are the trending photographs. Many companies follow these artists and hire them to create an photo manipulation advertising that can influence more buyers. Sometimes there are many things going on, in a single photography that you have to concentrate to find out what is happening.

Adobe Photoshop is the ideal software that can be used to create photo manipulations and retouch digital photos. Pretty much all designers understand the power of Photoshop, as well as the brilliant things they can produce by using it. The following list is concentrated to everyone who has a bit of simple knowledge in Photoshop and are seeking to master photo manipulating. Even after taking photos after a good number of shots, you may continually find the want for more advancement in your photographs. Below you will find the tutorials with examples step by step. First understand the tutorials, then imply it and afterwards use it on your own course of action.

A Fantasy Underwater Scene with Photoshop
“In this highly imaginative tutorial you will learn how to photo manipulate a fantasy woman that is gently floating underwater.” PSDFan

Undress a Giraffe in Photoshop
“Have you ever wanted to know what a Giraffe looks like without its spots? If so, this tutorial is for you, you pervert! Today, we will demonstrate how to undress a giraffe by removing its spots. We will then show how to turn its spots into an outfit that will be draped over an ironing board.” TutsPlus

Photo Effects Week Create a Lamb’s Coat in Photoshop
“In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to create a lamb’s coat in Photoshop using several stock photos that are available for free.” TutsPlus

Dramatic Photo manipulation Tutorial
“This tutorial will teach in fast and easy steps how to combine various elements and textures to design a dramatic and epic photo montage. Learn the basics on how to use the gradient tool and blending options to work the lighting and overall tones. Plus how to use light flares, smoke and water splash brushes. With simple steps learn how to obtain mind blowing effects.” PSDBox


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