5 Animals photo manipulations of the day

The beauty of photo manipulation is that you can combine real photos with your imagination. Pretty much all designers understand the power of Photoshop, as well as the brilliant things they can produce by using it. The art that requires loads of persistence combined with the expertise in different photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Whatever you dream, you can visualize it by shooting a photograph and add interesting features by using editing tools. Working with photo manipulations in advertising is perhaps the most recognizable technique and the most useful one without doubt.

You’ll find out that some of the Photo manipulation ads have very skillful manipulations and other have simple ones, but in both ways it looks trending. A specialist of photo manipulation may efficiently grab the focus of buyers, who are tired from everyday advertisements. Most people join couple of photographs and try to make it seem as a single graphic or they add different features such as technology or people to an image. We’ve put together some photo manipulation advertising, so you can inspire in your creations.

Horse head

The cat bird

The Lion Man

“We do not wish to copy nature. We do not want to reproduce, we want to produce… directly and without meditation.” – Jean Arp
Profile Picture

The Lutenent


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