5 Most Wanted Photoshop Retouching Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop is the ideal software that can be used to create photo manipulations and retouch digital photos. Even after taking photos after a good number of shots, you may continually find the want for more advancement in your photographs. In such circumstances Photoshop is useful and it can be used to make improvements and changes in your images.

You can produce upgrades like age progression, change hair color, skin tone effect and so on. If you already are familiar with Adobe Photoshop, you can generate these changes very quickly. Below are 5 superb and most wanted Photoshop retouching tutorials to retouch your facial area and different body parts in Photoshop.

  1. In this tutorial, you will learn how to whiten teeth in Photoshop.
    How To Whiten Teeth In Photoshop
  2.  In this Photoshop retouching tutorial, you’ll learn how to retouch skin like the professionals. Find out how to make skin look healthy without looking plastic or blurred.
    Superb Skin Airbrush Technique
  3. Written by Steve Patterson. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use the Healing Brush in Photoshop to reduce the appearance of dark and distracting wrinkles in your portraits.

    Reducing Wrinkles With The Healing Brush In Photoshop

  4. In this tutorial you will learn Quick and Effective Facial Photo Retouching
    Facial Photo Retouching
  5. From: Lunacore – During the course of this Photoshop I’m going to show you how to make skin look smooth. The Photoshop technique itself is not complicated, but does require you to be patient and work slow and accurate. If you can meet these requirements, then it’s not going to be very difficult to see good results.
    Smooth Skin


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