Venezuelan surreal arts by Yuliana G. F.

People’s ability of creating new things has always impassioned and intrigued me. My name is Yuliana Guédez Forgiarini. When I was little, I dreamt of becoming a painter, and now, years later, my passion has transformed towards Fine Art Photography; without forgetting the drawing lines that came before it. All of this has been an escape to me from the hardships in my home country, Venezuela. My biggest interest lies in communicating deep concepts, always with an emphasis on human beings. Thus, I am always eager to investigate any social, cultural and artistic manifestations.

I am a student of the shapes of life, in a career as a graphic designer that develops further away. I put a lot of effort into everything I do, and this has allowed me to be the student with the highest grades in my faculty and career at the University of Los Andes, in Venezuela. Nauƒragia expresses in a metaphorical way each one of my adventures… We are all navigating our lives in a voyage, lost in the ocean. Many souls lie down in the sea like forgotten ships, with great treasures inside them.

Hands in Time

In the Valley of death

She was a lonely mermaid, who found a bottle in the middle of the ocean

Uncertain Defeat

Mirrors and reflections, nature, identity, the sky, the sea, wandering, challenges and beauty are my themes of choice: My aim is to make you think and feel deeper and further: To allow you to find yourself. The name Nauƒragia comes from the plural of ‘shipwreck’ in Latin, signifying wandering and getting through hardships. It is additionally used to call a species of salamander named Eurycea Nauƒragia, also known as Georgetown Salamander; which is an endangered species.

Falling down, falling nowhere… Falling anywhere

Sometimes we feel lost, like a seagull in the Andes, thriving into the eternal becoming of life

SOURCE: Her official website Yuliana G. F.


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