5 Bizarre Architecture Expressed

The Architecture expressed by the dreams, spirit and aspirations of a nation or a whole community stand as an expression of its core unique values in matter and the multiplicity of different styles and typologies found in modern Art reflect the socio-economic, cultural, ideological, ecological and climatic factors that have shaped us over 3 decades. When Modern architecture was first practiced, it was an avant-garde movement with moral, philosophical, and aesthetic underpinnings. Immediately after World War I, pioneering modernist architects sought to develop a completely new style appropriate for a new post-war social and economic order, focused on meeting the needs of the middle and working classes. They rejected the architectural practice of the academic refinement of historical styles which served the rapidly declining aristocratic order.

The approach of the Modernist architects was to reduce buildings to pure forms, removing historical references and ornament in favor of functionalist details. Many architects resisted Modernism, finding it devoid of the decorative richness of ornamented styles. As the complexity of buildings began to increase (in terms of structural systems, services, energy and technologies), architecture started becoming more multi-disciplinary. Architecture today usually requires a team of specialist professionals, with the architect being one of many, although usually the team leader. Please Amaze yourself by go through with all the Buildings Architecture photographs below which are linked and lead to the source photographers. Also do not forget to explore further works of these talented photographers.

The crooked house – Sopot, Poland

Image Source: brocha (Flickr)
Dancing building – Prague, Czech Republic

Image Source: jemil75 (Flickr)
Mindhouse – Barcelona, Spain

Image Source: angelocesare (Flickr)
“I enjoy art, architecture, museums, churches and temples; anything that gives me insight into the history and soul of the place I’m in. I can also be a beach bum – I like to laze in the shade of a palm tree with a good book or float in a warm sea at sundown.” – Cherie Lunghi
Kansas city public library – Missouri, USA

Image Source: jonathan_moreau (Flickr)
Wonderworks – TN USA

Source: InstantShift


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